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Take advantage of the years of hard work, education, experience and success of Rhyme Partners. We can evaluate your individual needs with customized mentoring and take your career to the next level.

Whether you need to improve your songwriting, learn the business, get connected to the music industry, or you just feel stuck on your career path, we can help.

Need a custom song for your company brand? We’ve got you covered too.

Ask anyone who has ever worked with us, we deliver. Why not start with a phone call? A Skype session or an in person meeting? You’ll be glad you did.

Check out a few of the services we offer below then click, get ready and get excited!

"Point Me In The Right Direction"

Send me a detailed checklist, a must have for an independent Artist or Songwriter's career and I'll take it from there.

"I'm Game"

45 minute Skype, phone, or in-person session on music industry topic of my choice.

"Make It Happen"

Book me a co-writing session with a hit songwriter.

"Let's Do It"

Book me a full day of personalized mentoring, a co-writing session with a hit songwriter and a hip Nashville venue to play.

"Take My Career To The Next Level"

3 Month personalized game changer.

"Bring Nashville To Me"

House concerts are an amazing way to bring friends together and be the talk of the town.

"Songwriting Workshops"

Customized by location, contact us for scheduling and details

"Jingle All The Way"

Help us sell our products with a custom song.