"Rhyme Partners has an amazing track record of getting music into the right places, when Rhyme Partners is pitchin' music executives are listening."
- Steve Goodie, Sunday night host Bluebird Cafe / owner Pitch Perfect Recording Studio (Nashville, TN)
"Melissa Bollea Rowe has played an instrumental role in me finding myself as an artist. I think “Mentor” is a great way to describe how she has helped me. She was able to give advice on social media, websites, the music business, radio and the best way to represent myself and my brand. When I had fears she reminded me to always go with my gut and remember to be true to myself. Not only did she help shape me as artist in my day to day life, but she also helped me with my stage performance. From the set lists, to how to carry myself on stage. I was lucky enough to write with Melissa and I was blown away by her songwriting talent and musical abilities. Her company, Rhyme Partners, continues to grow. She reminds me constantly that with hard work anything is possible and as long as you are your true unique self people will relate. I honestly enjoyed every meeting I had with her and hope to share more in the future…. and hopefully a more writes!!"
- Artist Sierra Black
"Melissa is an extremely talented writer who has one of the most positive attitudes on the planet. She is always such a joy to work with in the studio, recording her music is easy because as I always say...it's easy to record good songs."
- Larry Beaird, President of Beaird Music Group, Inc.
"Melissa Bollea is what Nashville is all about! She's an incredibly talented Songwriter and Mentor!"
- Artist Trey Taylor
"As time passes, I realize that it is extremely rare to meet someone that is a true friend as well as a great industry colleague; that makes me so proud to know Melissa Bollea Rowe because she is both of those to me. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does whether it's writing, performing or participating in industry activities. Melissa is certainly a person of exceptional merit and I am proud to know her."
- Brandi Simms, Senior Director of Awards & Industry Relations (Country Music Association)
"Having the opportunity to work with Melissa Bollea Rowe as songwriter was a very special and inspiring experience for me. Melissa is an amazing writer and has a true passion for what she does with artists. She took a strong interest in me as a person and in the words shared in my song. I can't wait to write with Melissa again as it was a wonderful experience, I look at her as not only a co-writer but as a mentor and a dear friend. "
- Artist Taylon Hope Miller
"When I moved to Nashville, Melissa was one of the first professional music industry leaders I connected with. Working with her, I was quickly plugged into the Nashville scene in so many ways. I will always be grateful and thankful for her friendship and the hard work she dedicates to the music business. I always know Melissa's in my corner."
- Artist Deidre Thornell
"Prolific Songwriter, savvy businesswoman, Melissa Bollea is the hardest working person I know in the music industry. And she can win a smile contest hands down."
- Bobby Braddock, Country Music Hall of Fame Songwriter
"I first met Melissa Bollea Rowe at the Bluebird Cafe in 2016. She immediately drew me in with her heartfelt songs and warm soul. She's the type of person you feel you've known a lifetime. I knew she was someone I could trust with my daughter, a budding singer/songwriter. When the time came the next year, Melissa not only helped us prep for Frankie's first trip to Nashville but she made us feel so welcome when we arrived. She provided a great performance setting and venue for Frankie the first night and introduced her to amazing Nashville talent. Ending with a beautiful, deep song in their session the next day. Not to mention the mentoring she gave Frankie in the business of songwriting. We're forever grateful for Melissa sharing her talents and inspiration with our daughter and look forward to times ahead with her."
- Jennifer Wright, Mother of Artist Frankie Lee
"Rhyme Partners is a pleasure to work with in every way. I have full confidence in a great show. They are courteous writers who don’t add work for our busy staff."
- Margaret Cunningham, Business Affairs Manager/Early Show Booking Bluebird Cafe